Your friendly neigborhood discord bot :)

. is the prefix
.help is the help command
.info provides info about the bot

Below are some of the bot's main uses
Hope you enjoy :)

.sayThis makes the bot send whatever message you wrote
.msg edit [target message id]; [new message]This lets you edit a message previously sent by the bot
.embed .[color]; [title]; [message]this creates a colorful embed for announcements and various other uses. Colors include .red, .yellow, .blue, .orange, .pink, .green, .darkblue, .purple, .white, .black, and .teal
.meg del [amount]allows you to bulk delete multiple messages
.emojithis gives you a list of all the emojis available
.msg react [message id]; [emoji name]it lets you to react to a message with an emoji through the bot
Inviz automatically makes a log when messages get deleted. these logs also note when a message is edited or when a user is kicked/banned 
inviz sends a welcome message when a new person joins in channels named "welcome" 
.jointhis command gets the bot to join the voice channel that the user is in
.play [link]this command lets one play music from youtube in a vc.

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